17 November 2019

Best hairstyling tools for your hair type

It is well known that we want what we don’t have: straight hair dream about big bouncy curls and curly heads crave silky straight hair. Well, the good news is that today there are enough tools on the market to style your hair how you like it, depending on your mood but most importantly based on your hair type. 

• Silky shiny straight   

If you want that Naomi Campbell long silky straight hair you need the right straightener to not damage your hair in the process. If you have thick curly hair like me, Streampod is the best option for you as it straightens the hair with the help of steam, and leaves your hair frizz-free. If your hair is more on the wavy and fine side, I recommend you invest in a good straightener, like GHD. 

  Curls, Curls, Curls !   

If your flat locks are dreaming about Beyonce’s bouncy curls, invest in a good curling iron like T3! Even if they’re on the priciest side, their tools are very effective. You only need few seconds to curl the hair (even for thick hair like mine) plus it leaves your hair shiny and soft. The kit comes with 3 different tools to help you create different hairstyles from beach waves to luscious curls. And yes, the curls last more than one day!

• Do and Don’t

While using styling tools, there are some rules to respect to keep your hair as healthy as possible! First of them all, always use a heat-protecting serum or spray. That will prevent your hair from the thermic choc and damage. Also, add a nourishing mask to your hair care routine to maintain them hydrate and soft. Lastly, don’t forget to add a serum or nursing cream to the ends of your hair after styling. My favorites are the Ouai Rose  Hair oil and Amika Treatment oil. They smell just divine and leave my hair soft and silky.

T3 • Steampod • Ouai Haircare 

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