24 February 2023

My 5 steps Haircare routine for healthy long hair!


I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been putting my hair through hell. Straightener, curling iron, sometimes both at the same time, and not always using a heat protector (I know, right!), keratine treatments… The only thing that saved me from ending with a bob, is that I’m genetically blessed with thick, deep black hair. But still, I damaged my ends and had the impression that my hair wasn’t growing anymore. I was actually experiencing a lot of breakages and my hair was very dry. So I decided to make some changes, starting by putting together a haircare routine that suits my hair type (thick and dry), and by avoiding heat as much as possible (only hairdryer). So here you have my 5 steps Haircare routine for healthy long hair!


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Before wash time: Fable&Mane oil

Fable&Mane Hoil roots hair oil is my favorite oil to apply before washing my hair. I apply it on my scalp and then massage it with a massage brush I bought on Amazon and leave it for a few hours before heading to the shower.

shampoo&conditioner: Coco&Eve

I used Amika shampoo for a while and then I switched recently to Coco&Eve Like a Virgin super hydrating shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo is doing an ok job, but the conditioner leaves your hair like silk!

Hair mask: Amika The Cure

I’ve been a long-time fan of the Amika haircare! And their masks are amazing especially if you have thick, cry hair as I do!

Leave-in conditioner: Ouai Haircare

I must confess since I was already using a hair mask and a conditioner, I was skipping this part of my haircare routine. But I came across a video on Youtube, where the hairdresser was explaining how this step is crucial as it locks the hydration on your hair after your shower routine. I like the Ouai Leave-in as it is lightweight but still feels hydrating.

Hair oil: Gisou hair oil or Coco&Eve Elixir

Whether I style my hair or not, I always use hair oil on my ends, daily! But have in mind my hair is thick and dry by nature. I rotate between the Gisou infused hair oil or the Coco&Eve Elixir. Both are quite lightweight and still add moister and shine to your hair. I also use the Gisou infused hair perfume but more as a luxury than a “haircare” routine.


Some Extras!

I think that these steps have helped my hair get back into shape so far. A silk pillowcase (you can find them on amazon), as it prevents your hair from breakage and doesn’t strip your hair from the moister like a cotton one would.  And once a month I do a cleansing shampoo with the Redken hair cleaning cream to get rid of the bulled-up hair products and pollution.




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