6 January 2021

My top 4 hair oil for smooth, shiny and silky hair



As a beauty junkie, I love to try new products, always on the hunt for the holy grail, you know that one haircare that will make your hair soft, shiny, frizz-free… And if it can also help them grow that would be awesome! I’ve told you… Holy grail quest! So if I haven’t found it yet, I already have come across a few gems that I  gladly share with you today! But before giving you my top 4 haircare, please note that just like our skin, everyone’s hair has a different type. Mine is thick, curly, and naturally dry. I straighten them once a week, so I need really good moisturizing and anti-frizz products. 


Amika Glass action hydrating hair oil

Also called the universal elixir, this nutrient-rich oil is formulated to condition and restore shine while eliminating frizz. My hair literally loves this hair oil. Not only it smells very nice and delicate, but it also really  nourishes my hair deeply. Plus it’s not heavy at all, to the point that I use it daily in the morning (but please remind you that my hair is very dry).

The Ouai Rose hair & body oil

I’m not gonna lie, I was quite skeptical to try this brand as it is the ultimate trend for celebrities and their glam team to launch their own beauty lines. And as a matter of fact, The Ouai Haircare was founded by Kim K hairstylist Jen Atkin! But I must confess that the lady knows what she’s talking about since this oil is a-ma-zing! First of all, it smells divine, and it really helps smooth and hydrate your hair and make them all soft and silky. The formula is very lightweight so I guess fine hair can also use it! I haven’t tried other products from the brand but based on that oil, it looks promising.

Kerastase Ultimate Elixir 

This high-preformed blend of 5 oils (Marula, Camélia, Pracaxi, Corn germ, Argan oil)provides deep nutrition plus heat protection up to 230°! And don’t even get me started me on the smell! It’s a stunning blend of floral scents with Violet leaf, Freesia, Mandarin with Musc extract… It’s literally an all in one product.

Gisou Honey Infused oil

Last but not least, Gisou hair oil. I know I’m late on this one but when it comes to celebrities (or influencers in that case) launching things, I’m quite cautious and prefer to wait for the hype to go down to see what the product is really about. Gisou was founded by Negin Mirsalehi, a Persian fashion influencer living in Amsterdam known for her fashion style but also beautiful long hair. The recipe of Gisou is from her mother who is a hairdresser and the honey formula is from her father’s bee garden.  although genetics are part of the long luscious Negin’s hair, I guess her products are a big part of it too. So I deiced to give it a try! And let me tell you that she deserves all the rave about it. This hair oil is so nourishing without leaving your hair greasy or heavy, plus it gives a beautiful shine to them.

I’m gonna end up my top 4 hair oil by saying that nothing can replace a healthy diet (omega 3 and lots of water) and regular trim to rock beautiful locks. But a good haircare routine is also a major help. So let me know on the comments below, what is your favorite products so far.


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