27 March 2024

Led face mask by Dr Dennis GROSS


Get ready to take your skincare routine (and wallet) to the next level! And join me as we delve into the world of LED light therapy and explore the transformative powers of the Dr. Dennis Gross DRX Spectralite FaceWare Pro.

I really debated whether or not to invest in this LED light therapy face mask by Dr. Dennis Gross. I’m using “invest” because the Dr. Dennis Gross DRX Spectralite faceware pro costs around 550€! So far from being another impulsive skincare buy! But after having it on my shopping card for a while,  I took advantage of Black Friday sales to finally buy it.

What is LED light therapy face mask?

LED stands for “light-emitting diode”.  LED light therapy is a skin treatment that uses different wavelengths and colors to target specific skin concerns. From acne and wrinkles to inflammation and pigmentation, LED therapy offers a non-invasive solution that’s both effective and gentle on the skin.

Until a few years ago, these fancy treatments were only available under the practiced hand of your aesthetician for in-office treatments. Now, this luxury is available for us to use at home provided by brands such as Qure skincare, Current Body, or Dr. Dennis Gross as seen on TikTok and celebrities’ Instagram such as Kim Kardashian, Bolivia Culpo, and Kristen Bell…

Dennis Gross DRX Spectralite faceware pro

This FDA-cleared face mask delivers light therapy with 3 different treatment zones. It uses 100 red lights emitting diode to support collagen production and visibly reduce wrinkles, and 62 blue lights emitting diode to work deep within the dermis layers, destroying bacteria, boosting natural hydration, and evening out hyperpigmentation. And all of these benefits with only a 3-minute treatment per day!

How to use LED light therapy face mask? 

Dr. Dennis Gross DRX Spectralite FaceWare Pro is lightweight and comfortable, making it easy to incorporate into your daily routine. And compared to other brands, a treatment takes only 3 minutes. I usually use it in the evening after cleaning my skin with Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser. Then I’ll get back to my nighttime skincare using vitamin C serum, and skin barrier moisturizer, the Illiyoon Ceramide ato concentrated cream.

LED face mask results 

Now, let’s address the burning question: does it deliver results? And am I being consistent in using it?

I’m going to be honest, every morning, without fail, I reach for my LED mask as part of my skincare ritual, since last November. How? Because every time I see this mask in my bathroom, it reminds me that I spent nearly 500€ on it! So no way I’m skipping a day! I mainly use red light to target collagen production and prevent signs of aging. And sometimes I use the combo red + blue.

As for efficacity,  you know that consistency is key in skincare, and these kinds of treatments are no exception.  Studies about LED light therapy face masks say that it takes 4 to 6 weeks to see results. While individual experiences may vary, most users report seeing noticeable improvements in their skin’s texture, tone, and overall appearance after several weeks of regular use. I’ve been using Dr. Dennis Gross DRX Spectralite FaceWare Pro for a couple of months now. And I can’t really talk about the anti-aging results since I don’t have wrinkles and fine lines (yet), but I definitely saw an overall improvement in my skin. Without Drasitquelly changing my skincare, my skin looks and feels smoother, and brighter for sure.


Dr. Dennis Gross DRX Spectralite FaceWare Pro.

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