21 December 2018

One true love

In loving memory of Vulcain • 2004 – 2017

You and I met 13 years ago. The first time I held your little body in my arms, you were 4 months old, and I would have never guessed how much love I had in my heart for you. Simple, pure love. You stood by my side since then and never failed to love me, even in my darkest time. I never succeed in teaching you to lay down and you never stopped going after the trash that I forgot to take out. People who met you along the way were amazed by your stunning beauty, and even more by the kindness of your heart.
The last time I held you in my arms was October 10th. It was the hardest and most heartbreaking night of my life since I had to make that decision to let you go, as peacefully as I could. With your last breath, a part of me died that night, my love. And I will never forget the moment your heart stopped, and mine kept beating.
Did you feel my presence until the end? Did I fill your life with enough love and joy? Was your life as happy as possible by my side? From the bottom of my heart, I hope it was my love, because you did all that for me, my one true love.

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