Netflix&Chill : My favorite TV shows to watch (coronavirus quarantine edition)

18 March 2020

If you follow me on Instagram (@frompariswithlove_byniloufar), or the news,  you might know that here in Paris we are in quarantine since March 16th to help prevent the coronavirus from…

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My morning skincare routine

25 February 2020

The thing with being a blogger is that you want to test everything and anything and it’s hard to keep a routine for your skin. So when I have a…

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How to tame your frizzy hair (tips&products)

15 February 2020

If fall is known as the sweater weather with its pumpkin spice latte and cozy blanket night, it’s also known for most of us as frizzy, flyaway, and dry season…

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Skincare beauty gadgets or real hacks: full review

6 February 2020

Jade roller, sonic brush, LED mask… When technology and skincare collided it provides us with amazing devices to upgrade our skincare routine game! Real tools or trendy gadget, we put…

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How to get longer lashes (serum, lash extension, lash lift…)

29 January 2020

The very first compliment that I get is usually about my almond eyes. This always surprises me since I don’t have ocean blue eyes or gemstone green eyes. But having…

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New : Matis Réponse regard hyalushot-eyes mask and global eyes cream

26 January 2020

Few days ago I was invited at the Alfred Sommier Grand Hotel for the launch of the new Matis Paris Réponse Regard, and to relax during an eye Spa treatment.…

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How to get rid of cellulite

20 January 2020

Let’s be honest, everybody has cellulite. No matter how skinny or curvy you are,  what size you are, the truth is 95% of women have cellulite. If we can’t avoid…

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Where to find the best croissant in Paris

15 January 2020

When you think about Paris, you picture the Eiffel tour, the lovely cafés and of course French croissant! This delightful Viennese pastry is a world known for its puff pastry…

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Skincare : What does a serum do?

12 January 2020

Now that you’re mastering the art of skincare, we’re gonna take you to the next level and add another step (yes we are !) to your daily routine: a serum!…

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5 timeless jewelry pieces to invest in

7 January 2020

Like red classic lipstick, some pieces of jewelry will always be fashionable and never go out of style. And to be honest with you, I’m not the kind of fashionista changing…

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