4 April 2020

My online dating experience with Luxy app!

What does a single millennial confine at home -because of Coronavirus- do?  (Beside Instagram, meditation, and pilates…)? Online dating! A week ago, Luxy “the Elite and millionnaire dating site” invited me to join their online dating app. Since I was two weeks into the lockdown in Paris, and single,  it was the perfect timing for me to jump into the online dating world, so I agreed. Here’s my experience with the Luxy app so far!

First of all, forget about your average Joe and other “Bret” with stolen photos of young Matt Damon, heating you with a “hey babe, what are you looking for” that you’ll find on other dating apps, like Tinder or Bumble.  Here we are talking next level online dating, where every new profile is approved by Luxy team to meet their high standards, with curated descriptions and clear photos (mostly in suits), as the app is targetted for sophisticated singles, living a luxury lifestyle (60% of the members have a verified annual income of more than 200 000$).

Once your profile is verified, you can explore the app and if a gentleman catches your eyes, you can send him a virtual rose, or send him a message. If he likes you back then you can start chatting and get to know each other. There are also other options like boosting your profile to get more exposure or subscribing to the Black Luxy access (99,99€/month). As I told you, I’ve only been testing the app for a week.  So far, I like that a man manifests his interest to you by sending you a rose (that’s my hopeless romantic heart talking). And I love the idea to connect with singles from around the world and find my soulmate elsewhere than in Paris. And before you ask, the distance is not a thing here as most of these gentlemen are used to traveling across the world for business or pleasure. But be careful ladies, dating online is the same as in the real world, don’t give your exact location or bank account, and don’t give your number too quickly,  as not all things that shine are gold… But at least you have more chances here to come across someone sharing the same background, education, interests, and lifestyle as you! You want to give it a try and join Luxy like me,  you can register on their site: here or download the app Luxy – Selective dating app, on Apple Store or Google Play. Here’s a look at the inside and a sneak peek of my profile under the username “Medellin”.

So the question that you are all dying to ask… Did I have any matches? Have I found the one?  Well, so far I received 1  565 roses and as many messages. I have matched with some very nice profiles (from California and Florida) and others that happened not to be as great (hence the fact to not give your number too soon!). And since we are in quarantine all over the world, I haven’t been on a date yet. So I guess I have to write you an update post to let you know if a gentleman has stolen my heart thanks to Luxy when the lockdown will be over! Stay tuned for the next episode!

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