20 January 2020

How to get rid of cellulite

Let’s be honest, everybody has cellulite. No matter how skinny or curvy you are,  what size you are, the truth is 95% of women have cellulite. If we can’t avoid it, we can, however, get rid of it or at least reduce it. But before heading into the remedies, what is cellulite? Cellulite occurs when fat deposits come up through the connective tissue beneath the skin. And did you know there are different types of cellulite? Adipose cellulite is the firm cellulite. Oedematous cellulite is fluid retention, soft cellulite with orange peel effect. Once you know what kind of cellulite you’re dealing with, you can go for the best remedy to get rid of it. 

• Dry brush your skin 

If it can at first sound strange, know that you can brush the skin of your body to improve and get rid of your cellulite. How does it work? Just a couple of minutes a day will promote your lymph, helping your body metabolize toxins more efficiently, discourage fluid retention and cellulite, and soften and tone your skin!

• The right workout

To smooth out your skin you need to tone it! And for that, there is no there solutions than working out and stretching.  If you are not into cardio, get a yoga or pilates class and focus on your booty and legs. 

• Smart moisturizer 

Do you like your morning coffee? So does your skin! It’s been proven that Caffeine is a phosphodiesterase inhibitor, what that means is it interferes with a body enzyme that protects fat. It also increases blood flow, greatly reducing the appearance of skin dimples. 

Soyons honnête, tout le monde a de la cellulite. Que vous soyez très mince ou plutot ronde, grand eou petite, la verité c’est que 95% d’ntre nous avons de la cellulite. Si on ne peut pas l’éviter, on peut cependant l’effacer ou du moins la réduire en adoptant quelques gestes simples. Mais avant de vous dévoiler notre programme anti-celulite, il convient de saovir ce que c’est ! La cellulite est un amas de cellules graisseuses qui se trouvent sous la peau et qui atteignent une capacité de stockage maximale. Ils forment ces fameux capitons qui donnent un aspect “peau d’orange”. Il existe plusieurs types de cellulite : adipeuse, inflirée (due a une mauvaise circulation sanguine) et fibreuse (cellulite incrustrée). Une foi que vous savez à quel tyle de cellulite vous avez à faire, vous pouvez passer au plan d’attauque.

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