27 October 2019

Fall Healthy Pumpkin Spice latte recipe ! (just like Starbucks)

pumpkin spice latte
 image source: Pinterest

Nothing screams better fall than a comfy sweater, a cozy blanket and of course a delicious Pumpkin spice latte! If your favorite one is from Starbucks, wait to try out our healthy recipe, we are sure you’re gonna make it your fall favorite drink. Plus you don’t even have to leave your house to have it!

A typical grande pumpkin spice latte has 350 calories and 50 grams of sugar (yes, the one you order at Starbucks). Not mentioning that your morning (and afternoon, no judgment)  take out will put a dent in your bank account. So here is a healthier and vegan way (less than 90 calories) to enjoy your favorite drink making your bank account and scale also happy!

Ingredients : 

Topping :

Instructions: In a mug, mix together the hot espresso with the pumpkin puree, vanilla, pumpkin pie spice, and maple syrup. Steam the milk and add it to the espresso. Top with pumpkin pie spice or coconut whipped cream and cinnamon if desired.

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