17 November 2018

My favorite spots for hot chocolate in Paris !

If in summer time my girlfriends and I are always on the hunt for the best places to eat icecream, in the winter time my favorite activity is to try all the good place when you can have a delightful hot chocolate. It’s the more way to combine going out to new places and having a yummy moment with your friends, right ? So here’s my favorites spots to have the most delicious hot chocotate in Paris.

Si durant l’été j’adore parcourir Paris avec mes copines à la recherche des meilleurs glaciers de la ville en hiver, le saint =Graal devient le fameux chocolat chaud ! Et puis, il faut avouer que c’est une bonne occasion de sortir, braver le froid et se faire plaisir entre copines ! Voici donc mes adresses favorites pour déguster les meilleures chocolats chauds de Paris ! 


Angelina Paris

Your Instagram feed will thanks me since this place si so beautiful and chic. Angelina Paris was founded in 1903 and inspired by the Belle époque architecture.  Coco Chanel, Proust, as well as some of France’s greatest couturiers have passed through this tearooms. And let me tell you the old fashion Angelina hot chocolate definitely worth the wait (there is a huuuuge waiting line every weekend outside the café) as it’s so creamy and yummy, you won’t regret it !

Le Grand Café Fauchon 

If you’re craving very hard chocolate, well there’s is only one place for you : the Grand café Fauchon. Their hot chocolate is so rich and intense you won’t forget the experience and you probably won’t need any other sugar after that too !

Café Pouchkine

This russian café takes the hot chooclate to the next level ! But first, tell me tell you more about the place. The first Café Pouchkine opened  in Moscow, in 1999, as a tribute to the 200th birth anniversary of the famous poet Alexander Pouchkin. Their chocolate is very rich in flavor as they add spices and the taste is something quite unique and strong and delightful.

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