16 September 2019

How to get flawless tan legs !

The sun is up and shinny, and you only crave one thing, show your legs in these beautiful shorts or flowy dress you just bought. But after months of hibernation, your skin needs an extra push to look its best. and let’s be honest some extra care to look decent in the sun !  And ladies, since we are all in together, we have the perfect step by step guide with all our current favorites products, to achieve these gorgeous silky soft Victoria’s Secret angels looking legs. Ready to take the summer catwalk? Read below!

 Step 1: Exfoliate 

Covered for months during the wintertime, your skin doesn’t look its best when it’s time to unveil it. And your legs are usually a bit drier and dull than the rest of your body. The first step to buff away any dead skin is to exfoliate. This will create a clean, smooth surface and help boost circulation. In fact, dullness comes because your skin can’t reflect light, so you need a good scrub, to use twice a week in a circulate motion from the bottom (your ankle) to the top of your legs.

Step 2 : Brush!

The next step is to get rid of cellulite and uneven skin! And the best tool for that is a brush! But don’t guess us wrong, we are talking about dry body brushing! Brushing your skin from the ankles upwards the direction of the heart, in quick motions boosts circulation and helps lymphatic drainage and decrease fluid retention and toxins.

Step 3: Moisturize!

To achieve those gorgeous catwalk legs, you need to moisturize on a daily basis. And stay away from oils since they only sit on top of the skin and don’t sink in as well as a good moisturizer. Plus it’s unflattering looking since it gives you barrel legs.  If your skin is on the drier side, switch your skincare for a balm or a cold cream and don’t forget to put extra effort on the knee and ankle areas since they tend to be the drier. 

Step 4: Tan!

There is no secret that a good tan makes your legs narrow and fit looking! Plus it blurs all the imperfections! If you are afraid to not master the self-tanning process like a pro, you can always choose the washable edition. With its mousse or cream texture, it acts like a foundation for your legs. Add a little bit of highlighter in the line down the shins for that perfect VS legs. 

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