Favorite spa : La Maison du Tui N’a Paris

One of the most enjoyable things with my job is that I can try and discover new things beauty related such as wellness. And talking about spa, one of my favorite is by far,  La maison du Tui n’a.

So what’s Tui N’a ? It’s a Chinese ancestral massage which combines two techniques (push and grab). And it’s part of the Chinese medicine, since it has therapeutic virtues. 

My favorite massage is the Traditional Tui N’a. After one hour your entire body feels tension free since the massage works on the energies and muscular tensions that your body can have. My other favorite one is definitely the Detox Tui N’a which I recommend if you have troubles with digestion and bloating. It really does wonders on your body, and stomach. 

La Maison du Toi N’a : 13 rue Saint-Gilles 75003 Paris


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