Best GlutenFree spots to eat in Paris (junk food edition !)

As a coeliac diagnosed 6 years ago, I had plenty of time since then to try and go for the hunt of the best places to eat glutenfree food in Paris. So without further due, here’s the parisian spots for some glutenfree (and vegan !) fast food to add to your favorites.

Pizza : Il Quadri Foglio

Let me tell you that this pizzeria just get me fall back in love with pizza again ! With their lovely heart shape (la pizza facto con in cuore), they’re just de-li-cious !

What to order : any pizza you want !

Where : 19 boulevard bourdon 75004 PARIS 

Burger : The Hank Restaurant 

Not only this place make the most delicious glutenfree burgers, but they’re also vegan.

What to order : the Catcheuse with potatoes wedges + extra cheese

Where : Hank Restaurant 55, rue des Archives 75003 Paris

Gauffre : Yummy&Guiltfree

I discover this place while I was shopping in Le Marais and I’m so glad that I’ve found it ! Salty or sweet you can choose whatever you want from the menu. 

What to order : Well the usual chocolate cream with vegan whipped cream. And if you’re more on the salty side, the saumon ! 

Where : 3, rue du temple 75003 Paris


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